Syntace wins yet another test

In a very elaborate test of seat posts with 21 test candidates the new Syntace P6 pulled away from the competition. Especially noteworthy is, that the 220g Syntace P6 is the only lightweight post that survived the final overload test (test force 400kg) without bending or breaking. Not to mention its (unfortunately not measured) incredibly wide range of seat adjustment.


Additional test: static overload
All seat posts that survived the dynamic load test were subjected to a second test, static overload. The testing forces were increased up to 4000N until breaking or bending. At the end only two seat posts were left without a flaw. The P6 by Syntace and the Team by Truvative took even the last hurdle and thoroughly earned their test victory.

Download the test
as PDF (only in german, 737 kb)