The Syntace-Team 2006

Hans J. Rey USA/CH - The living Freeride legend
Hunter Kemper USA - The reigning Triathlon World Champion
Christoph Sauser CH -  The reigning Cross-Country vice-world champion
Sabine Spitz D - The German MTB overachiever
Guido Tschugg D - The German Freeride and 4Cross star
Stefan HerrmannD - The MTB instructor Nr.1
Marcus Klausmann D - The perennial German Downhill Champion
Achim Zahn D - The Alpen-cross pioneer

The best bikers in the world trust Syntace components: tested in the wold-wide toughest way by the VR-3 ("The Red Monster") and STS ("Salt & Tension  Stress Monster")

through superior construction and permanent improvements

Through patented strokes of genius in ergonomics and function